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Kiran Gandhi, Architect, India


Working since 1975 in the world of architecture, real estate and engineering; he has built many innovative buildings across the country. After his graduation as an architect in 1974, he ventured into the field as an entrepreneur. He established ‘Urban Development Group’ with his structure engineer wife in 1985. He specializes in cost-effective housing, turnkey projects and pre-cast construction. For his expertise in housing, he has been credited with ‘JIIA Award 1993’ for Abhilasha Township in Ujjain, India. His work and papers have been prominently featured in several exhibitions and journals of India. Continuing with his urge to research and innovate, he now shares with us on this website, his experiences and lessons about ARCHITECTURAL MANAGEMENT, learnt through his 35 years of multi-disciplinary career.


Ridhdhi Gandhi, Engineer, India


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Miguel-Angel Alvarez, Architect, Spain


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Bansri Pandey, Architect, India


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