Business Planning for Architects


Architecture is not just a profession, but a professional business. And like every business, it needs a business plan! Learn more about planning a business of Architectural practice.

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The book will be your companion to the first steps that you take in establishing your own design firm.


A sample business plan specially customized for architects and designers, is available for download. This book is a collection of experiences, ideas and tips that are shared for you to learn the basics of business planning. 


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Having doubts, confusions and anxiety before starting a new business is very natural.But do you let these fears overtake your decision to start on your own?I have observed 5 of the most common myths among young entrepreneur architects and would like to share it with you. Identifying these myths and overcoming them before starting your practice is crucial. 

Why to Start your own firm?

Your motivation to start your own business impacts on how you will go on to run your firm. Your personal driving force and your inspiration are the foundations of your company goals that you will eventually create.

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Take advantage of this checklist that I have developed so that you can make your own judgment whether you are ready to start your own firm or if you need some more preparation before you break the ground. It takes only 10 minutes of your time !

Often I hear from clients that they have difficulty finding the right architect for their needs. And at the same time, architects, specially young start-up companies complain that they have difficulty finding the right clients. Thus, while you are starting your own architectural practice, it is important to identify who  your client is and what does he/she expects from you. 

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With increasing competition, it is vital for an architect to survive as well as win over the market. And thus, I call architecture not just a profession but a professional business! And every business needs a business plan! A business plan is a written document showing you your thoughts on what, where, why, when and how you intend to manage your business. If you are a person with many resources or you are one without any; you must put your thoughts, strength, and acquired skills on paper before entering into the field. Get an insight into the basics of writing a business plan.

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Will I be Paid More?


A manager, who had just returned from a Motivation Seminar, called an employee into his office and said, 


"Henceforth you are going to be allowed to plan and control your job. That will raise your productivity considerably, I am sure."

" Will I be paid more?" asked the worker


"Look," said the manager, " you obviously do not understand the motivation theory.Take this book home and read it; it explains what it is that really motivates you."

as the man was leaving, he stopped and said, "If I read this book will I be paid more?"


This is story is from the book:

'Stories from Here and There' compiled by Sunil Handa