Architects’ uses mainly non –verbal languages like drawings, sketches, diagrams, videos, animations etc.. To communicate their work. They can show a most difficult building solution by showing a simple 3D drawing. But if they are asked to explain it in a verbal language, many architects are uncomfortable and many a times are at a loss of words. Learn why communication skills are important for your business and what you should do to enhance them.

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The success of any building depends on the communication of individuals from different backgrounds such as, architects, engineers, sub-contractors, consultants, suppliers, investors and of course the key player as the client. Being the leader of the team, the communication skills of architects are central to the project's co-ordination and success. Learn more about why and what communication skills are important for architects in their business.

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We know that our clients who are unaware of the design process are not able to put everything on the paper clearly and those who are aware do not have time for it. But a good brief is the foundation of a good design. I have put down a list of questions (available for download as a template)  that you need to ask your clients whose answers will lead you to creating a good brief. Learn more about creating a good start of your project by developing a design brief.

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During the concept to completion stage of the project, a lot of communication takes place between clients and architect regarding the design,  specifications, contract, construction, the application of raw materials, legal issues etc. In every meeting, important decisions regarding the development of projects are taken. It is necessary to have effective communication from both the sides so to avoid misunderstanding or conflict in future as well as establish trust with your client. Read some hands-on tips to effectively communicate with your clients.


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The most common complain of clients is that their architect doesn’t listen to them and tries to impose his/her ideas. Most of the architects ignore this most effective communication tool, i.e. the art of listening.

"The most effective and least – used communication tools are the ears. You can learn a lot by listening. " Writes David Greusel, AIA. Learn a few practical tips for communicating with clients and the importance of listening.