What ARE the future marketing trends for architects?

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“Most Architects use Twitter to keep up with the latest industry news and network with industry peers. 95% of Architects do find Twitter useful, primarily for the reason that it’s quick and easy to share information and keep up with the latest news.”- A survey of Pauley Creative on UK Architects who are on Twitter to find out how Architects use Twitter.


In the age of fast changing technology, globalization, liberalization, privatization and competition; architects and designers are bound to change the way they plan, do and act on their marketing strategies.


I’ve put together 5 key trends that I foresee for marketing architectural services. If you have any suggestions about what is the next big move that architects may make in future for marketing their services, feel free to write to me. I will be happy to hear from you.

1. BIM (Building information modelling), lean construction and sustainable building design – will be major architectural trends in the industry. Those who master these will steal all the business from the rest of you very soon. If you haven’t been thinking of these yet, start soon.


2. Collaborations: In the world of specialization, it is impossible for one person to know everything. Clients feel more comfortable working with firms that have different experts for different tasks. So, it’s time to team-up and start collaborating!


3. Value-added services: Clients really do expect architecture firms to be able to give them good estimates of project costs before they make a contract with you. Most small design firms do not have this expertise. There are many other value-added services that you can think of to satisfy your client’s expectations and be more competitive.


4. Project Management: Project management is in itself a separate profession. But, who can be a better project manager than an architect? For small and medium size projects, clients will be ready to pay an additional fee for an integrated project management services by the architectural firm. Firms with better managed services will be highly competitive than others who will still follow the ‘design-only’ route.


5. Social networking: If you are not on Facebook / twitter / linked-in / other social networking pages yet and haven’t started your own blog so far; then START today!

You will come in the way of your company’s future, if you are not networking online. It will be one of the most useful networking tools in the future for marketing your services.


“Anything new today will be obsolete tomorrow.”

I believe that in today’s world of fast-foods and lighting fast communications, the marketing plan should be revised at least every six months. Keep your eyes open to new emerging trends in the industry and make changes to your firm’s strategies. The key is to plan, prepare and stay focused.


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