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Image © Bansri Pandey
Image © Bansri Pandey

Often, we architects tell our clients some harmless lies, just to keep him/her happy. Similarly, clients are also constantly lying to their architects on issues such as payments, deadlines, scope of work, expectations, etc. But clients are powerful and rich; and thus, can afford to do that, whereas architects are meager and usually disorganized, and therefore suffer.


Albert puts together interesting list of lies clients tell architects, in this article:

"Top 10 lies clients tell architects"

Michael Kilkelly publishes in ArchDaily an intersting article summarizing 21 different  ways an architect canadopt to work smarter and not harder. 

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Andrew Heaton discusses in Sourceable how Building Information Modeling and new integrated business models for design firms are bringing change in the way Architects work in Australia. His arguments not only are relevant for Australian market but  also for international markets. Do Architects  need to re-think the way they do business ?

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Business Planning for Architects 


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The Latin root of the word “Decision” means "to cut off from all alternatives". In an attempt to devise an approach that embraces this core essence of decision making, I came up with a “3D” approach that is relevant for architectural business. Learn more about this approach.


Image © Bansri Pandey

"Quality is not what you put into a service or a product. It is what the customer gets out of it.' - Peter Drucker

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