What can architects do for their employees?

“Ask not what your employees can do for you, but

Ask what you can do for your employees”


If you wish to manage your staff successfully, remember this above mantra of the 21st century.

One of the biggest assets of an architectural practice is its team of cad operators, design assistants, 2D /3D presentation specialists, studio heads, building code specialists, project managers, technical staff, administrative staff etc.  When different people with so many diverse skills, work under one roof to achieve the firm’s ideology and goals; there is likely to be misunderstandings, conflicts, dissatisfaction, grievances etc. Thus, it is necessary to manage and motivate your team.

Asking following few questions to yourself will prepare you while dealing with your employees:



  • What were the main reasons for the employee to choose working in your office?

  • Does your office have a hygienic and creative environment well-matched to the nature of architects?

  • Are they aware of the firm’s goals and limitations?

  • Are they well paid and have just to worry only about the work?

  • Is your firm having an open and healthy communication culture?

  • Does your firm have policy to offer scope of professional growth for technical staff?

  • Do you have reward and appreciation policy? And are your employees happy with it?

  • Do you have a pension, health care, gratuity, benefits policy etc. as per law?

  • Do you believe in flexible working hours?

  • Do you outsource the work or pay overtime to present employees in case of overload?

  • Do you encourage teamwork?

  • Do you provide necessary update training for your staff?

  • Have you made your staff aware about the discipline and etiquette of your office?



There is no standard formula to manage your team. The above questions are just a few tips on how you can make your Human Resource policy stronger and retain your employees. Your HRM policy should be part of your business plan and shall be well upadted as you move on operating your businss over the years. 


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